Oh so comfy <3


*Pyjama bottoms
*comfy jumper
*Michael Kors chronography runaway watch
*chocolate fingers (yummy!)
Perfect way to spend a night :*


Pretty in Pink

Waking up to a fresh and breezy morning, feeling positive to what the future holds for you brings out the inner best in a person. But what keeps a person… more specifically a girl going even more, is knowing she looks her very best at any time during the day.

Seems very straight-forward and easy, right?! But in most cases this is the hardest thing to get right. After all we’re only talking about appearance but the way we look and present ourselves gives a big impression to everybody and anybody, even the people walking past us in the streets.

It just so matters that the best good-looking girl will date the hottest guy on the planet and get whatever she wants. But we’re much better then that as changing our attitudes or even turning that frown upside down can create a big impact of what life will offer us next.

So keep your heads held high and there’s nothing a little too much that a pink dress and red lipstick can’t handle 😉